Vape de Óleo CBD com Sentidos de Mírtilio 3-5% (300-500 mg)

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  • CBD Oil Vape with Blueberry Senses captivates with its fruity and berry aroma.If you are a fan of tasty blueberries, this aroma is for you.

    Our organic CBD oils come in 10ml food grade PET bottles with refill mechanism.

    Our cannabidiol is of superior quality and derived from industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) through a supercritical CO2 extraction process to achieve exact concentration levels.THC was removed to a level of less than 0.0%.

    The product does not contain parabens, artificial colors, pesticides, herbicides, nicotine and is 100% free of toxins, heavy metals, solvents and synthetic cannabinoids.

    • Our CBD oil vape is only intended to refill the Formula Swiss C1 vaporizer.When refilling the Formula Swiss C1 vaporizer, hold the bottle carefully and open the cap carefully to avoid spraying liquid in the mouth, eyes and skin.Pay attention to the nozzle size and opening of the Formula Swiss C1 Vaporizer.

    The liquid is dangerous if swallowed.If liquid is swallowed or comes into contact with skin, rinse mouth and wash skin thoroughly after handling, and call a poison center, doctor or pharmacist.

    The use of CBD Oil Vape is not recommended for:

    • Pregnant and nursing women.
    • People allergic to any ingredient in CBD oil vape.
    • Persons under 18 years old.
    • People suffering from cardiovascular or respiratory diseases.
    • It is not recommended for non-smokers.

    Store the product in its original packaging.Keep container tightly closed and sealed until use.Containers that have been opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage.Do not tear the label.Ensure adequate ventilation of the storage area.Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

    • 100% natural and organic CBD derived from CO2 extraction.
    • PG/VG: 70/30
  • This product has been extensively tested, analyzed and documented in Switzerland, both for the cannabinoid ratio and for microbiological suitability.

    CBD Oil Vape with 3% Blueberry Sense

    Quality Report

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